So, remember when Rob Gronkowski was in a couple of twitter pictures with porn star Bibi Jones?

Of course you do!

This caused kind of an uproar in the media and among Patriots fans. As has just about everything Gronk has done other than catch footballs. The "Summer of Gronk" last year had a lot of Patriots fans upset with the Pro Bowler after he appeared nude for ESPN Magazine, starred in reality shows, etc. etc.

If those fans were getting upset that the 23 year old was partying, drinking and umm.. hanging out.. with attractive women, then they would absolutely lose it if Gronk does this next thing.

The website Sex.com - which holds the record for most expensive domain name ever - is offering to match Gronk's $3.75 million salary for the 2014 season to be in an adult scene with Bibi Jones in one of their movies.

Don't worry fans! They won't film the scene until his forearm has healed. Which, by the way, should be about right now.

Obviously, there's probably a 0% chance that Gronkowski would actually do this. First of all, it'd be a PR nightmare. Second of all, he's probably not that desperate for another $3.75. Third of all, I think we have photographic evidence that suggests he's probably already been with Ms. Jones.

Anyway, you can't fault sex.com for trying. Or maybe you can.

Here's how they describe the offer in the press release they sent to nePatriotsLife.com

Sex.com offers Rob Gronkowski the chance to star in an adult scene with Bibi Jones

Montreal, Quebec - February, 6th 2013 – In light of Bibi Jones's return to performing in adult films, Sex.com would like to offer Rob Gronkowski a chance to perform with her in a scene once his forearm has healed.

There is no question that Rob Gronkowski has what it takes to make an excellent male performer in today's adult industry. He has proven both on and off the field that he has the body and the attitude to be a hugely popular male adult star.

Football and adult entertainment fans have long speculated a romance between Gronkowski and Jones since racy photos appeared on Twitter. Sex.com believes that their controversial connection will give them a special chemistry on screen.

Sex.com is prepared to match to Gronkowski's 2014 base salary of $3.75 million if he agrees to perform with Jones in a sex scene exclusively hosted on Sex.com. Though Bibi Jones is on an exclusive contract with Digital Playground, Sex.com has contacted the production company to make an exception for this scene.

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