Did the Cowboys steal the Patriots' slogan?

At this point, it's a well-known fact: while many other teams hate the Patriots publicly, they all try to copy New England in the hopes of finally beating the longtime champions. But from the looks of it, the Dallas Cowboys have taken this copying to a whole other level. At the Cowboys' new training camp facilities, Darren Rovell spotted a very curious sign in the locker room--a large "DO YOUR JOB" with a clock underneath it.

"Do Your Job" was the Patriots' battle cry throughout their run to Super Bowl 49. It was painted on walls, printed on shirts, and repeated more times than anybody could count. Heck, the Pats even went so far as to put three trademarks on it! Unfortunately, there's no honor among thieves, and the Cowboys weren't about to start showing any. Because it's such an abstract phrase, New England can't prevent Dalls from using it as ambiguous "motivational material," but they can stop the Cowboys from making money off the line or anything that features it.

The 'Boys won't be able to use it any more than they already have (thanks to the trademarks), but it's still a great example of how shameless also-ran franchises can be. It's especially galling considering that Jerry Jones was among the most vocal owners praising the league for its handling of Deflategate. Even though they cry and scream about the Pats, it shows that at the end of the day, every franchise wants to win--and they don't care if they have to hang on some coattails to do it.

Via 24/7 Sports

Photo courtesy Darren Rovell

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