He's only been in Foxboro for a few months, but Patriots rookie wide receiver Malcolm Mitchell has already noticed what sets New England apart from the other 31 teams: preparation. The wideout spoke some sage words on Sunday mentioning the importance of preparation and how nothing goes overlooked with the Pats.

"Everything matters, from what you eat, to how you hydrate, to the amount of rest you get, to the amount of time you spend doing plays, from the cleats you wear, [to] how you strap on your pads, to your mouthpiece, there's not a piece that goes unnoticed," said Mitchell. Voicing his approval, he added that it's "the most impressive thing I've seen thus far in my young life, to see something so detailed. You immediately understand why the Patriots are who they are."

On a more personal note, Mitchell detailed how preparation is an important tool in his football routine. "Preparation goes back to learning and how focused you are, right? If I want to come out and compete every day, I need to be hydrated, so I need to drink a lot of water." Ending with a quintessentially Patriots statement, he said "It's really simple when you think about it. It's just, will you do it or will you not?"

From all he's said and all he's done, it's clear Malcolm Mitchell is determined to make an impact his rookie year in New England and beyond. With his dedication to preparation, he's clearly got his head in the right place, and it will be interesting to see how it pays off this upcoming season.

Via MassLive

Photos courtesy Boston Herald

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