Julian Edelman is a budding actor

After an appearance on the HBO show Ballers, it looks like Julian Edelman has been bitten by the acting bug. The star wideout recently teamed up with Tom Brady on a commercial for Ugg boots, titled "Comfort Under Pressure."

Brady, in typical GOAT fashion, lounges on a chair, absorbed in some sort of tablet--probably studying film, knowing how he works. Edelman, on the other hand, isn't exactly down with the idea of "doing nothing." From the start to the finish, he: rides his bike indoors, snacks on some chips in Brady's ear, plays video games at full volume, jumps on bubble wrap, does one-armed push-ups, blends some smoothies, and turns Brady's living room into both a driving range and a band stage.

All in all, not exactly the friendly thing to do on Edelman's part. But Brady, throughout all this, remains completely unfazed--until, that is, Edelman passes out from exhaustion and starts snoring. In Brady's own words, "dude."

Via CBS Sports

Photo courtesy Scoopnest.com

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