Maybe Tom Brady's jersey wasn't stolen...

Immediately after leading the Pats on the greatest comeback in Super Bowl history, Tom Brady reported his jersey stolen and everybody freaked out. But after four days of vigorous searching, the cops have apparently finally realized that somebody might have thrown the jersey on a Pats equipment truck bound for Boston the slow way.

First of all: what? Apparently, the truck was never searched thoroughly before leaving Houston, so there's no telling what's stowed away in the dark crevices of that 18-wheeler. Also, the truck was schedule to be unpacked sometime Thursday, assuming the weather allowed it. Spoiler alert: it wasn't.

But either way, why couldn't they just open up the truck and do a quick skim through looking for, oh, I don't know, maybe the most important Super Bowl collectible of the millennium? Is this thing so packed to the brim with sweaty game-worn shirts and other team equipment that they can't even open it up without immediately unleashing a tidal wave of pure football over all the landscape?

And also, why did it take law enforcement this long to figure out that maybe a Pats staffer just picked up the jersey and took it on the truck? Aren't the Texas Rangers supposed to be the best police in the nation? And why didn't the guy who did this (if it's really on the truck) respond when the Rangers began offering a reward for the jersey on Tuesday? This really just raises more questions than answers.

Oh, and also, that same truck is rumored to have the football that James White scored the winning touchdown with. So that means there might be two abducted items worth hundreds of thousands of dollars sitting in the dark back of an 18-wheeler on the highway somewhere while the driver takes his sweet time getting to Boston. Sheesh.

Via CBS Boston

Photos courtesy New England Patriots

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