Bill Belichick skips media breakfast, coaches' photo at NFL League Meeting

The annual NFL League Meeting is going on now in Phoenix, Arizona, and all 32 NFL head coaches are there. Pats coach Bill Belichick hasn't bailed out of the conference entirely, but in true Belichickian form, he does seem to be skipping all of the "non-essential" items on the agenda.

Per usual, the media coaches' breakfast landed at the bottom of BB's list of priorities. As Barstool Sports noted, this is the first time the Pats head man has completely blown the breakfast off since 2011--when he actually stuck his head in the doorway and just kept walking instead. This time, there was no such tomfoolery reported--Belichick cited "scouting commitments" as his official excuse for skipping the event, but nobody can confirm whether or not that's true.

Just like the media breakfast, the annual head coaches' photo landed on Darth Hoodie's no-go list. It's hard to understand why a photo was too much for Belichick, considering that he conducts weekly press conferences and is photographed almost everywhere he goes, but either way it's another hilarious example of the man's uncanny disdain for everything league-related. Unfortunately, his demonstration was somewhat ruined by the fact that he wasn't the only coach to bail on the photo: Miami's Adam Gase abstained as well, leaving the other 30 coaches to smile on their own.

Despite all those absences, Belichick was still present for some of the league meetings, and the media got some great photos of him there. Out of all the standouts, this is probably the best one:

What are they talking about? Will Belichick be there for the rest of the meetings? And why oh why is he wearing flip-flops? Sadly, the world may never know.


Photo courtesy New England Patriots

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