Jimmy G posts cryptic Instagram--is he about to be traded?

Plenty of rumors surrounding the Patriots' backup QB have come out in the past week. First, he was off the block. Then, he was back on, but only if the "price was right." Then, he was back on the block, though some said the Patriots weren't quite comfortable trading him. And finally, reports came out saying that the Patriots were interested in adding a backup QB if they moved Garoppolo. Now, we might have an answer:

✌🏼 #LaFamiglia

A post shared by Jimmy Garoppolo (@jimmypolo10) on

Obviously, nothing is set in any sort of stone yet, and false Instagram alarms have gone off before--just ask Isaiah Thomas. But for Garoppolo to be on the block for so long and then just post this now? Suspicious to say the least.

Photo courtesy The MMQB

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