Andrew Hawkins "works out" on beach with Julian Edelman and Danny Amendola

Andrew Weber / USA Today Sports

Looks like Andrew Hawkins is already hard at work. After signing with the Patriots earlier this week, he joined Julian Edelman and Danny Amendola for a workout on the beach...kind of.

The clip, taken from the popular HBO show Ballers, features main character Ricky Jerret (Hawkins) running routes with the two Pats as he considers joining New England in free agency. If real-life Hawkins can bring that speed and separation to New England, Bill Belichick would definitely be impressed.

On another note, this might signal the arrival of a new social media king in New England. Both Tom Brady and Julian Edelman are renowned for their online profiles, with Brady's Facebook memes and Edelman's Twitter videos catching the most attention. Hawkins still has a long way to go to unseat either of the two, but this was definitely a strong opening salvo.


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