Jets cut David Harris and Eric Decker, go into full tank mode

New York Jets

The Jets are bad, have been bad, and will continue to be bad for the foreseeable future--it's not exactly a secret. But this offseason, the franchise has surprised even its sworn enemies by tanking so brazenly. The roster purge continued today, when the team released veteran linebacker David Harris and wideout Eric Decker.

Team owner Woody Johnson said that the two moves, which saved just shy of $14 million, were made purely for monetary purposes. At this point, the team is so far out of contention that Johnson views it as better just to save the cash than pay for the two players. But if that's the case, it would have just been better to release the players back in the winter when they could have found a more lucrative home--in typical Jets fashion, the team continued to screw their players over even after they left the organization.

At this point, the future looks grim for Gang Green. The team has made moves to save over $68 million this offseason, and the bloodbath isn't over yet. With the focus completely on the future at the expense of the present, almost any player 30 or older could be a potential cut. New York had a solid but not great draft this year, and it will take a few more years of classes like this one to replenish the talent levels. For now, all the Jets can really hope for is that Tom Brady and Bill Belichick retire soon, and that the AFC East suddenly comes completely off the rails and spontaneously turns into a massive dumpster fire. Then they might be able snag third place.

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