Ndamukong Suh claims Dolphins have "never been" and "will never be" scared of Patriots

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Under first-year head coach Adam Gase, the Miami Dolphins scored a playoff spot for the first time since 2008. And while the Patriots swept the Dolphins last year (as usual), lots of Miami players are starting to think they can take down New England next year.

After Jarvis Landry said that the Dolphins would sweep the Patriots next season (the Pats haven't been swept by a divisional opponent since 2002), Ndamukong Suh has decided to follow with some brash statements of his own. According to NFL.com, the defensive tackle said on Thursday that the Dolphins have never felt threatened by their rivals up in New England:

We have many games prior to [the Patriots] that are going to be big focuses. But we understand that New England is at the top of the East right now. We understand that we need to have certain particular game plans for them, as they do for us. Taking that into account, I think one of the great things about Miami and this team, we've never been scared of the New England Patriots. We never will be. So, with that being said, when we play them late in the season, we'll be prepared.

As brash as that statement is, it doesn't really seem true. New England has swept Miami six times over the past 14 years--and a full 25% of the Patriots losses have come in Week 17, with the team resting starters. Sure, the Dolphins have given the Pats more trouble than their other divisional opponents over that timespan. And sure, the Patriots have historically had some problems playing in the South Beach heat. But to say that the Fins have never been scared of the Pats during New England's dynasty is just untrue.

Cases in point: just last season, New England steamrolled Miami 35-14 in Week 17, and jumped out to a 21-point lead in Week 2 with Jimmy Garoppolo at the helm. Were the Dolphins always scared of the Pats? Definitely not. But to say that they've "never been scared" is just a lie, plain and simple. As far as the idea that the Dolphins "will never be" scared of the Pats, Suh can say that now. But when it come time to face Tom Brady and the new-look Pats offense next season, he might regret his bold statements.

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