Ryan Shazier thinks "NFL has a Patriots problem," says Steelers can solve it

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First it was the Dolphins, now it's the Steelers. Per ESPN, Pittsburgh linebacker Ryan Shazier said that he thinks the "NFL has a Patriots problem," and that the Steelers "are going to be ready" for the Pats in 2017:

"They've been a great team, they have a great leader, and they just find a way to win. They have a good strategy in what they want to do. But I feel we are going to be prepared for them this year. I feel we are going to get them when we need to get them. And at any day I feel we can win the Super Bowl. We might have had a problem in the past but I think we are going to be ready this time.""

The linebacker said that and mentioned the bit about the Patriots problem after being asked why the Steelers can't seem to get past the Patriots in the playoffs--Pittsburgh has lost four straight games to New England, culminating in a 36-17 debacle in last year's AFC Championship Game. And for all his talk about the team being "prepared" to face New England, this looks like nothing more than some early June bravado from a team (led by the famously brash Mike Tomlin) that has yet to prove anything.

The Steelers have been very good some of the past few years, and they've been a tough opponent for the Pats to get past in January. But the truth is that New England owns Pittsburgh at Gillette Stadium. Unless the Steelers can snatch home-field advantage away from the Patriots--extremely unlikely at best--it seems like Shazier and Co. will be headed home early again next season.

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