Elandon Roberts gets barbecue plate named after him at Texas chain

Boston Globe

After winning a Super Bowl championship in his rookie year, Patriots linebacker Elandon Roberts has been enjoying the hero treatment in his hometown of Port Arthur, Texas (near Houston). The latest honor? Getting a plate named after him at local chain BB's Cafe.

BB's, which has seven locations (all in Texas), describes itself as "the home of Tex-Orleans cooking." The Elandon, their newest menu item, features a piece of blackened redfish over cilantro lime rice, a grilled chicken skewer, and two stuffed shrimp. Check out the picture below:

Roberts stopped by a BB's location to promote the dish--all proceeds from its sale will go to benefit the Elandon Roberts Foundation, which raises money for heart disease research. The linebacker also used the dish as a platform for his next charity event, which will be held in Port Arthur on July 15:

So far, feedback about the dish has been great. If you're in the Houston area, you might want to do yourself a favor and get an Elandon plate for a good cause.

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