Matthew Slater laughs at idea of undefeated season

Boston Herald Photo

Going into training camp, the Patriots have assembled their best team since 2007. That club went 18-0 before falling in the Super Bowl--and based on the hype surrounding this edition, New England might be primed to finally finish the job this year. But, at least officially speaking, the team policy on the undefeated talk can be summed up with two words: "no way."

Devin McCourty and Julian Edelman have already rebuffed reporters looking to grab 19-0 soundbites. Now we can add Matthew Slater to the list. When's Christopher Price asked the team captain about an undefeated season, Slater replied

"When it comes to a perfect season, when you hear something like that, I guess all you can do is chuckle. I mean, it’s just so hard to even go out and just being competitive in this league. It’s so difficult. Any talk of us doing something like that, it’s not something I’d align myself with or something our team would think or talk about. Right now, we’re just thinking about going out there and stringing some good practices together..I would say it’s something we don’t really talk about or focus any of our energy on, because we understand that at this time of the year, it’s about getting prepared to play. We’re a long way away from even competing in a game.”

As 24/7 Sports pointed out, the conversation over 19-0 won't go away until the Pats lose a game (if they do). But the more questions reporters ask, the more apparent it's becoming that the team just doesn't care at all. It's the ultimate Patriots approach. Hopefully it pays off with the ultimate Patriots result: another Super Bowl title.

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