Ndamukong Suh compliments Patriots but calls them "definitely beatable"

Mark Tenally / AP

Ndamukong Suh set off a mini firestorm a couple weeks ago when he said that the Dolphins "have never been" and "will never be" scared of the Patriots. In an ESPN appearance Monday, he was more conciliatory but still termed New England "definitely beatable."

I think the Patriots are definitely beatable. It’s just a matter of playing a good game, almost a perfect game in a lot of ways because they’ve got great coaching and obviously great players and talent on their side of the ball. So you’ve got to be going on all cylinders. Without question, I have a ton of respect for them, but without question, they’re definitely beatable as everybody is in the league.

In all fairness, the Patriots are a beatable team--every roster has flaws, and for all their successes the Pats are no different. Frankly, the compliments Suh lavished on New England are more surprising than his "definitely beatable" remark.

Just over a week after saying that the Pats are nothing to be scared of, the defensive tackle has pivoted to saying that Miami needs to play "almost a perfect game" to defeat them. And as far as his statements go this one is closer to the truth. While the Patriots have had well-documented struggles playing in the Miami heat over the past few years, they've still managed to take 11 of the past 14 games between the two. Unfortunately for Suh & Co., they won't benefit from any weather-related luck this upcoming year--New England doesn't travel to South Beach until Week 13, in mid-December.

In closing, Suh said that the Dolphins "really look forward to repeating [their past victories against the Pats]" in the upcoming year. If Miami can perform anything like it did last year, where the team lost QB Ryan Tannehill in Week 13 but still went 10-6 and earned a playoff berth, the Patriots might have some competition in their division for the first time in almost a decade.

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