Danny Amendola brushes off retirement, says "I love it here"

John Tlumacki / Boston Globe

Wide receiver Danny Amendola was a crucial piece of the Patriots' offense down the stretch last year and in Super Bowl LI. But he's also 31 and has had his salary slashed in three consecutive offseasons to remain with the team. It would be only natural for him to start thinking about retirement, right?

Not so. Per Mike Reiss, when asked recently about the possibility of him retiring, Amendola was firm about continuing to play:

I love playing for this city; I love playing for this team; I love the atmosphere Coach [Belichick] brings when we walk into the building every day. I want to play good football, and I feel like this is the place where I’ll be able to challenge myself and play the best football I can...I still have more to play, man. My body feels really good. I feel the best I’ve felt in a long time.

Though he certainly won't be a top receiving option this season, Amendola will most likely stick on the roster thanks to his experience and rapport with Tom Brady. It's clear that the quarterback trusts him in high-pressure situations: he caught a TD pass and scored the game-tying 2-point conversion in the Super Bowl this past year. That trust is one of the most difficult things for an NFL receiver to acquire; as long as he's willing to take pay cuts, it's what will keep Amendola producing in New England.

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