Patriots fans mock Dan Quinn on Twitter for motivational clock

Bob Leverone / AP Photo

Falcons head man Dan Quinn has had a rough six months. After losing Super Bowl LI in epic fashion to the Patriots, he now has to lead a promising young squad back to the playoffs and fend off the dreaded title-game hangover. Judging by the motivational clock he posted in his office, he's trying to use every tool at his disposal to get that job done. But unfortunately for him, he can't escape Pats fans mocking him for his choice.

SI's Jonathan Jones posted this image of Quinn's new office clock on Twitter and started the frenzy:

Given Quinn's poor clock management in the Super Bowl, Patriots fans had no shortage of snappy replies to the tweet. Some of the best are below, including a spinoff clock, a new twist on an old favorite, and a few classic comebacks. The Falcons coach tried to respond, but he had trouble finding time in his schedule. Shame.

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