Skip Bayless says that Bill Belichick will "cut Tom Brady and keep Jimmy G"

Sporting News

What? Skip Bayless is a man known for inciting debate, but this has to be a new low, even for him. The longtime Brady defender dropped a bombshell tweet out of nowhere on Wednesday saying that he thinks Pats head coach Bill Belichick will get rid of Tom Brady for Jimmy G and regret it later:

This doesn't make sense for a lot of reasons. Why did Bayless decide to drop this white-hot take now? Why did he turn on the Brady, who he's loved with a passion basically since he entered the league? And why did he decide to do it over Twitter, with no context or explanation? Unfortunately, it looks like these questions will never be answered.

Skip was even further off base with his ideas. Brady is coming off one of the best seasons of his career (one in which he set the NFL record for touchdown-to-interception ratio) and he capped it off with his fifth Super Bowl trophy. Sure, he's turning 40, but at this point there's absolutely no signs of him faltering. Sure, when he does, it's entirely possible that he could be traded or cut to give Jimmy Garoppolo his turn in the spotlight, but that time appears to be years away at the earliest. Saying that Brady could d be cut now is ludicrous, plain and simple.

In other words, Bayless is staying right in character.

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