Tom Brady says mother is recovering well from cancer treatments

Sports Illustrated Photo

After Tom Brady and the Patriots overcame a 25-point deficit to win Super Bowl LI, many hailed Brady as the greatest player of all time for his a ability to remain calm under pressure and guide his team back to victory. But for the quarterback, all the on-field pressures paled in comparison to his family's struggles off it. Thankfully, Brady's mother has recently completed treatments for her cancer and is recovering well. Per

“It was a very challenging time for our family,’’ Brady said. “My mom has been such an important, loving, caring, sweet, kind, generous mom. You want to be able to be there for her in moments like that. You just do the best you can do from afar.

“Obviously, playing football, it is hard to do that because there is a commitment to a team that needs you also. I knew my dad was taking good care of her and like I said leading up to the Super Bowl, my dad had only been to one game all season. They hadn’t been at any of those games over the course of the year together, which was the first time in my entire playing career.

“It was really special when she was at the Super Bowl. Really special to celebrate with her and she was really looking forward to going to the Super Bowl. I wanted her to be there and I wanted our team to get there.’’

Not only did Brady's mom make it to the Super Bowl, she also traveled to Patriots training camp to surprise her son for his birthday. And while it was a long and trying ordeal, Brady said the whole family is happy once again:

“You never know what happens in this life, and I think we appreciate all these days that we have and all these moments with each other. That’s really what I have tried to focus on. She couldn’t be any better considering everything she’s gone through. Everyone in our family is so happy. She got some tests back that were really positive and she’s on the road to recovery. We’re all very happy about that.’’

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