Tom Brady says dwelling on Thursday night loss "sucked"

CBS Sports Photo

The Patriots were coming off a miraculous 25-point comeback for their fifth Super Bowl championship. They were unveiling the banner in front of 70,000 screaming fans. They were 9-point favorites. They were going to win.

Until they didn't.

Tom Brady and the Pats bombed the opener, falling 42-27 to Kansas City in front of a national audience. The defeat was a bad way to open up the season for myriad reasons. But according to Brady, what hurt the most was the three-day layover before getting back to work. The quarterback talked about recovering from the loss and looking forward on WEEI:

"It's probably easier when you're getting right back to work. It actually kind of sucked having three extra days to think about it and rewatch the game.

The good thing about football season when it's Sunday to Sunday, is Monday you kind of watch it and then by Tuesday you're already moving on to the next team. I've kind of moved on to the next team, but we haven't really done that formally as a team. We're doing that today.

It kind of sits with us a little bit longer, but maybe it's good to sit with us longer and continue for us to evaluate and nitpick and so forth. So it's probably a couple of extra days in weeks like this as opposed to a normal seven-day week."

The flood of news coverage surrounding the upset certainly hasn't helped the Pats recover any faster. Thankfully for team, their Week 2 tilt with the Saints should be a good opportunity to rebound: New Orleans was easily bested 29-19 by Minnesota last week, and their historically bad defense looked like a sieve at points once again. We'll have to wait until Sunday to see for sure--but if these comments are any indication, expect Brady to bounce back with a vengeance.

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