Tony Romo keeps predicting plays, explains genius of Bill Belichick

Ethan Moore / Getty Images

It's only been two weeks, but Tony Romo is already one of the best color men in the NFL. After an impressive Week 1 debut on the Raiders vs Titans game where he called multiple plays correctly before they happened, Romo headed to New Orleans with the Patriots to call their game against the Saints. In short, he didn't disappoint.

On at least three plays for the Saints, the former Cowboy quarterback predicted New Orleans' play before the snap, just by looking at the formation and using his knowledge of team tendencies. The most notable was a Drew Brees touchdown pass to Brandon Coleman, which he correctly forecasted ("heads up for the fade inside to 16") as soon as Coleman lined up inside of tight end Josh Hill:

Romo was spot on later in the game as well, correctly analyzing the Saints' offensive strategy and determining whether or not they would run a play on a pair of key fourth downs:

As noted, plenty of personalities from around the NFL world are already on board the Romo hype train:

Finally, Romo also managed to explain Bill Belichick's defensive genius. With the Saints in a late-game red zone situation near the goal line, the Pats lined up five potential rushers across the line of scrimmage. Romo noted that the Pats would usually only rush three or four of the five out of that particular formation--but knew why Belichick decided to bring all five on that particular play. With the game out of hand, he explained, Belichick uses the extra plays to sway analytics and impeded future teams from predicting what defense New England will run on any given play. By switching up his tendencies and using more aggressive blitzes later in the game, with the victory almost assuredly in hand, he can force other teams to study extra looks and not key in on his favorite ones:

It's been an impressive debut so far for Romo, who is probably the first broadcaster ever to successfully get inside the head of Bill Belichick. Next week, he'll travel to Lambeau Field to call Bengals-Packers. With another play calling performance like this week's, he might even be able to make a Bengals game entertaining.

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