Bill Belichick: Pats are "open for business" at trade deadline

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The Patriots are no strangers to wheeling and dealing. Even after their miraculous Super Bowl win last season, Bill Belichick and his front office brethren still brought in 17 new players to the 53-man roster. Some of those players acquired through August trades, like Cassius Marsh and Johnson Bademosi, are already starting for New England. So when asked about the trade deadline on WEEI, Belichick gave a characteristic answer:

“The thing about us, other teams in the league know that we’re open for business," Belichick said. "We’re not afraid to make a trade. If they are interested in trading somebody, we are usually a team that gets called because people think and know we’re open on those discussions. If we’re not interested we will tell them we’re not interested.

However, the Pats coach also acknowledged the ever-present uncertainty around midseason trades in the NFL. Unlike other sports leagues, blockbuster deadline deals are rare in football because of the effort required to learn an entirely new playbook and mesh with coaches as quickly as possible. With many GMs less willing to deal around late October because of the perceived uncertainty, Belichick said that situations can get complicated rather quickly:

Every situation is different. Every trade is different. Every exchange is different, so you just have to take them as they come and if the two sides can agree, great. Sometimes one side wants something and the other side is just not ready to get to the same point.

"You can go back and forth on those. You can talk two, three weeks at a time and think you are close and then nothing happens. There are other times where just in a matter of 10 minutes there is a conversation and somebody is available and here it is and there’s the trade. Boom, it’s done. It’s unpredictable. Those situations are hard to know how they are going to go. I can’t even tell you how many times I have felt we’re right on the verge of getting a deal executed and it doesn’t happen. There have been just as many times that 12 hours before we weren’t even talking about the player we talked about trading for. Things can change in a hurry.”

After a shaky start to the year, especially on defense, the Patriots are finally starting to jell and will have the benefit of an easy schedule down the stretch--the team won't face a top-10 scoring offense again in the regular season after having played four of the top 10 over the first seven weeks. With Trader Bill running the show, New England will probably swing a deal or two, but we'll have to wait and see if anything like last year's Jamie Collins shocker goes down before the Halloween deadline.

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