Brian Hoyer may be headed back to New England

AP Photo / Eric Risberg

In the aftermath of the Jimmy Garoppolo shocker, the Patriots are only carrying one quarterback--Tom Brady--on their roster. No matter how good the ageless wonder may be, the team is going to have to sign a backup now. New England's upcoming bye week coming up should help get the newcomer acclimated to the system, but it would still be wise to snag a quarterback with experience to ease the transition.

After the Garoppolo trade went through, San Francisco almost immediately cut veteran QB Brian Hoyer. Hoyer has been around the block since coming into the league with the Pats, but he's had experience in the Patriots system before and has demonstrated the ability to learn on the fly should he be needed.

The NFL Network's Ian Rapoport even said that Hoyer was almost included in the Jimmy G deal, but was cut instead so that New England wouldn't lose a compensatory pick. Per OverTheCap, the Pats are set to receive three compensatory selections in the upcoming draft, two fourth-rounders and a seventh-rounder. Trading for Hoyer could have put one of those fourth-rounders in jeopardy--not something Bill Belichick wanted to risk in one of the deepest drafts in recent memory.

The team will have two weeks until its next game to get whoever they sign prepared. But as far as the options on the current free-agent market go, and considering his prior experience in Foxborough, the Pats could do far worse than pick up Hoyer.

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