Ring Envy - What Jets Fans Said - 10/15

Jets fans are so unbelievably hostile, dumb, and any other negative adjective you can think of. Like their team, they got a little, unexpected taste of success dumb luck and thought they really had a shot against the Pats, especially when they went up 14-0. But when things went south, they reverted back to being whiny losers, complaining the games were fixed and that the refs are on the Pats' side. 

F*ck the Pats. 'Nuff said.

I actually had a dream a couple nights ago that we beat the Patriots. I haven't been optimistic so far this season, so I take it as a sign. I've had premonitions of truth before. Jets win 23-21. Book it.

19-17 Jets

25 - 21. Jets

head's would explode across the NFL if the Jets somehow won today.

Jets score more points than the Patriots and win this game today!!!!!!!


Understood but we are facing a 40 year old QB who isn't what he used to be.

I want the Jets to win this game, but it doesn't really matter as long as we don't Mo Lewis Tom Brady. Been there and done that and it didn't end well for us .

The Pats' coach is a cheating scumbag on the field and in his life. Recall the Giants were adamant he would never be hired when Parcells left there. They knew he is an untrustworthy POS from A to Z.

The "Matt Patricia is going to be the next big time coach" bandwagon is losing all it's wheels this season.

Sitting in my seat, way too many Patriots fans here.

Pats D sucks hard.

Late hit add a bounds no flag surprise surprise

I'm really liking the offensive play calling so far. It's like they are actually trying to win the game.


Wow, what a great opening drive.

And thus, our victory begins...


Wow...the Pats pass defense looks horrible.

am i alreeady drunk or is lee having a good game so far

Silly Patriots. You're just giving us more yardage on the field on which to feast on before we score.

Brady knows that when he throws against Skreen if he doesn't get a completion he has a good chance at getting a PI. So the key to that last drive was no call. That punt is a killer though.

Mo looks about 8 months pregnant with that profile view on the sidelines. He is all gut.

Come on, let's strip sack Lady-boy or get a pick-6.

They need to start hitting Brady more or he will start to figure out where to go with the ball.

If the patriots think their best way of beating us is to run the ball, BY ALL MEANS. The less brady throws the ball the better

Forced fumble for Lee.

Yeah boooooys! We never recover those!!

Darron Lee and Buster Skrine just combined for a positive play. Maybe it is the sign of the apocalypse.

Holy sh*t Skrine and Lee actually made a play. On the same play. The world is ending.

This turn of events pleases me.

Keep Brady on the sidelines!!

If we had Austin back in 2015, we would have been a legit threat to win the Super Bowl.

Lmaoo I’m loving this



What is happening right now? My body was not prepared for this!

holy sh*t mccown came to play.


Now hit the old fvkc a lot.

Good thing I said "yes" to the Jets playoff ticket option in April.

Is this so Jets, The year was supposed to be tanking we look unbelievably impressive

Josh McCown is your new Mike Glennon now.

Patriots are starting to complain. We have them confused right now. We have to keep attacking.

Im afraid to even compliment because there's just way too much time in this game.

OK we need to score one more time, don't forget who we are playing. We must be doing something right, Brady's on the sideline whining already

score again!!! We have to keep this up. Brady has been down before. Make this sh*t IMPOSSIBLE for them to come back.

Refs in the pats back pocket as usual.

That was a big flag pickup for the Pats. I thought that was a penalty based on the rules in place.

I'm hard

Uhhhhhhh we can't blow those INTs if we want to win.

Come on Skrine!!!

Lol, yeah, NFL isn’t fixed

if you want to beat the pats you can't drop easy int's

Top 3 worst run defense in the NFL the jets, how the **** the pats is running the ball on us is beyond my comprehension

That's a terrible PI call if they don't pick it up. Great Coverage.

Should have been on GRONK

**** the zebras!!!!


Gift touchdown. Sh*t call.

The fix is in! BS after BS call

How many times are we going to be screwed by poor officiating

I have better things to do with my time than watch this fixed nonsense. I stopped watching WWF when I realized it was staged.

hahahaha, I almost forgot what it's like to play the Patriots. **** right off.

The fix is in full effect. Anderson gets popped helmet to helmet. No call. Adams plays coverage. Flag.

Way too much questionable sh*t on that drive. Err on the side of the cheaters.

Why don't the refs just hand the game to the Pats and save us the charade of playing it? First they wave off an obvious shot to the chin of a Jet receiver, effectively changing the momentum of the game. Then they Make a specious defensive pass interference call (which should have been a non-call but looked more like offensive interference) and hand NE a TD. Happens all the time in this god forsaken league.

And this is where the wheels fall off...

Terrible time to go 3 and out, Patriots have momentum.

God Jamal Adams gets me hyped.

Huge INT for us

Could've been 2 picks for you skrine you sh*t bird

Starting to look far more jetsy

Nice all our WRs fall down on 3rd down and got mcclown killed and flats get the ball back ..... nice little show for the fans at the stadium .... tank back on ... who ever is writing the script needs a oscar

Late hit on McCown out of bounds, but let's overlook that. It's McCown after all. But if that had been Brady....

I've seen this story before.

And another favorable flag for the cheaters.

Oh... got it wrong. Amen Dolan get the specious late hit call. What a joke this league is. Why do I waste my time watching this shut?

Same old story with Jets-Pats game. Got to beat the Pats and the refs.

Not a chance in hell that was pass interference. Can't stand how biased refs are in patsies favor. Week in and week out they consistently and blatantly cheat. Drives me efing nuts!!!!!


1:07 to go. Let's put another 3 on the board. Come on McCown.

Refs tried for another scoring gift on that drive. Let’s make them pay!

I am so god damn sick on the one sided refereeing in any game the Pats are in.

Give asj the ball , force feed him **** it

Brady having a hamburger and French cries

Something is not right in Patriot land

this team really is a collection of castoffs and outcasts.

I wonder how many times Brady has sucked c*ck to get all these calls over the years?

This is genuinely a f*cking disgrace. F*ck this league.


******* telegraphed!

Is there a reason why Josh McCown has thrown EVERY pass towards Malcolm Butler today? I mean, does he know there is a untested starter on the other side, right?

We just made a huge mistake there. Pats will score before half and on first drive of 2nd half.

All these deep throws Brady isn't respecting our secondary

are you ******* kiddimg me how do you miss that push off

Gronk couldn’t make catch because his arms were fully extended pushing Adams off.

Listen to all the Pats fans in our stadium. Sigh.

Dominate the majority of the first half. Going in tied at halftime. Multiple chances to go for the jugular and they whiffed. McCown is bad.

PLayed about as well as you could hope. But for lack of a pass rush they're gonna go into half tied. WHAT THE F_____.

I've seen this game before. Deja Vu.


We got way too conservative on offense up by 7. Typical of our team.

without the refs the cheaters are not in this game. I fing hate the way the game is called, never a holding call against them never an offensive pass interference either fing cheaters

Like to know where all those disgusting pro-tank snowflakes have been hiding for this first half. Probably out rallying fake voters for Bernie.

What a sh*t show. Obvious pushoff by Gronk in end zone, not called. Next play TR Gronk when Adams suits the bed. Meh.

**** Todd Bowles. He’s a coward piece of sh*t mother ****er. He can suck a dick and go to hell. He’s a heartless piece of sh*t fraud of a coach. Never seen a worse game manager in my life. Worthless cock sucker wasted everything on D and can’t make a ******* single stop when it matters.

We can't even beat the most sh*t pats defense lmao all these people on mcclowns balls rite now it's straight comedy

The Pats know how to create momentum for themselves. There has been times where we've been able to overcome it. The run game hasn't been that effective so they must use a lot of short underneath passes and take the occasional shot down field, but also credit to the Pats for making adjustments.

Funny the delusional people who think we're a good team and that we're gonna win bitching lmaooo and blame this sh*t show of a team on Bowles . He isn't the problem , the players are running a circus on the field led by mcclown himself

For a team that was supposed to be 1-15 by some geniuses they have played well against the Pats and refs.

It's gonna be a long second half if they can't stop the run

3RD AND 13-NO PASS RUSH. Thanks coach.

Nice dline playing patty cake can we hit this old ****

no pressure what so ever

Games over unless we start getting to Brady.

Is there one player on the Pats that doesn't look to the refs to bail them out when they fail?

Tankkkkk on babyyyyy I ain't mad at ya gronk, spike that flat ball all day babyyyyyy

You give Brady all day and that’s what happens. Mo and Leo are invisible.

This may get Ugly.

Football is the perfect microcosm of the American system. The rich get rewarded and protected. The poor get stepped on and restrained. Guess which is which on this field.

remember when The Best Player In The Draft was cutting under Gronk in great position and then slipped on a banana peel with an audible womp-womp noise

Late hit out of bounds by Butler. Guess what? No call.

Wouldn’t be a Todd Bowles led Jets game without a waste of a timeout.

Pats get all the calls we get none. 12 men on the field. ****ed again

Of course the Pats got the TO in before the penalty. They get all the calls in their favor.

The rookie was so slightly late on that td pass from the GOAT to best TE in the game. Let us complain to deaf ears about the #6 pick

Took McCown forever to realize he could run 2 yards

Guys, a Josh McCown led Jets offense and Kacy Rodgers were never really going to trample Tom Brady and the coach that rides his coattails. If we win it’ll be pure scrap.

Refs to Pats: "Oh, you wanted to call a timeout after the play was snapped and you were guilty of a penalty? Yeah, that's cool."

Can the pats mo Lewis mcclown so petty could get in

Broken collarbone for Aaron Rodgers. Even hurt he’s still a better QB than any 2 we’ve had combined in decades!

Guess its time to go do lawn work...

Old enough to remember when Jets fans loved Josh McCown twenty three minutes ago

No QB? Dynamic QB with the it factor. Nah. **** that. Let’s draft a SS!!!

We are turning into pumpkins

Brady is such a little bitch, pointing at the ref for the flag lol

these refs suck absolute the worse. I tweeted the commissioner. These refs look like they have money on the cheaters. Not a single holding call? no interference and every questionable call goes against us. F the refs

Pats cheat. A lot.

3 TDs for Deshaun Watson today, just btw


Just got screwed again


What in the wide world of ****

That's an "Italian soccer betting scandal" call


Are you kidding me on that call?????? What???????

That's an absolute horsesh*t call. Unbelievable. Unbelievable.

Can't begin to comprehend what the fvck this is.

Alright this game is fishy as ****.

Game is fixed.


This is just too blatant. F-ck this league.

WTF!!!!!!! Kill this refs!!!

wow - how can the refs do this; we have become the Raiders - at least it isn't a playoff game...

that may be the worst call in the history of calls.

I am without speech

You cant fumble a TD!

Stuff like that makes not want to watch anymore


Time for us to hit pats players with bad intentions

We can body slam now?

I have been watching football for over 50 YEARS AND HAVE NEVER SEEN A WORSE CALL IN MY LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!

I don't like to complain about officiating, but that is as bad as it gets. Just indefensible.

I think I can understand the interpretation. He fumbles it and seems to recover it after it crosses out of bounds. The question is when he recovers it.

I am convinced the games are fixed after that call. That’s was by far the worst call I’ve ever seen. . We will never win because the league doesn’t want us too.

Ground cant cause a fumble, the ref explained that he lost control, then regained the ball, and the lost control. well the last loss of control was from the ground you stupid ****!

i don't ever want root for a player to get hurt, but to me, it is time for the jets to play a little dirty - if you can't win - at least the other team should remember you...

I'm not one to usually say this but I think we should seriously consider boycotting the next game. We all know there is no way in hell that call gets made against the Pats. This league is definitely slanted towards certain teams. That call is close to breaking the camels back for me.

This is worse than that time Megatron and the Lions got robbed of that TD


Watching with pats fans....they cant even believe it, saying awful call.

******* travesty. The refs stole this game.

This was a rather blatant hose job. If the TE had possession, and he never dropped the ball, it was never a fumble and should have been a TD. So funny to hear the utter disbelief of the CBS announcers continuing long after the play.

I'm NEVER one to blame the refs, but even my Pats fan brother says that was the worst call he's ever seen.

The fact is that the Patriots needed not so divine intervention to win this game -- and got it. A picked up flag for a clear personal foul (can that be reviewed and why not?) helps an flailing Pats team by changing momentum. A totally alien touchback call on a clear touchdown. Pats win!

Today I learned You can fumble the ball without fumbling, and fumble the non-fumbled ball out of the back of the end zone when it doesn't leave the end zone.

I hope we get a QB and a HC with a set of balls. Time to play Petty.

I’m a Jets fan but this league isn’t worth caring about.

Did he seriously overthrow a wide open cadet, and i mean wide open.

My prophecy of Greatness did not account for the bastardization of integrity that is NFL officiating.

the new england refs win... fu*( the refs and the cheaters

I want 1 person to tell me how that ASJ catch wasn’t a TD. I dare you

The "tuck rule" and now the "fumble while never losing control of the ball rule" -- brought to you by the NFL Patriot Protection Racket.

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