Martellus Bennett destroys Packers team doctors in epic Twitter rant

Ron Schwane / AP Photo

Tight end Martellus Bennett is back with the Patriots, but he's none too happy about his recent split with the Green Bay Packers. Bennett was waived for "failure to disclose a physical condition," (later news revealed the condition was a torn rotator cuff) but the tight end claimed in an epic Twitter rant that he was transparent with the team about his injury and was cut as a cost-saving measure.

The NFL Network's Ian Rapaport posted a full transcript of the rant on Twitter. In it, Bennett railed against the Packers for "trying to f**k me over" and criticized the team's head doctor, Dr. Patrick McKenzie, for "pushing me to play" and "trying to cover his own a**."

The tight end concluded by saying that "I chose my health over the 'team.' They chose money over me." At least the situation turned out relatively alright for each side in the end: Green Bay got to save some cash, and Bennett got to return to the Patriots and get the chance to win a second Super Bowl ring in back-to-back years.

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