Gronk actually pointed and laughed at Sean Davis after embarrassing him on two-point conversion

Barry Chin / Boston Globe

Rob Gronkowski absolutely slaughtered the Steelers defense yesterday, recording a career-high 168 receiving yards and embarrassing every defender charged with covering him. One of those unfortunate souls was second-year safety Sean Davis. After scoring a go-ahead TD with 56 seconds left, the Pats lined up for a two-point conversion to stretch their lead to three.

The play call, obviously, was a fade to Gronk. The weird part? He was left single-covered. It turned out exactly how you could predict it would. Then, after humiliating Davis on the play, Gronk turned and laughed at the safety before his customary spike. Take a look:

My goodness. Maybe next time Davis will think twice about trying to line up with Gronk one-on-one next time.

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