Roger Goodell will finally 2024


After a ten-plus year reign as NFL Commissioner, the end is finally in sight for Roger Goodell. After signing a 5-year contract extension this past week that will pay him $200 million (plus benefits), word has surfaced that it will most likely be his final term.

Goodall's time as head man has been marked by near-constant expansion, yet also fraught with controversy and scandal. His mishandling of the seminal Ray Rice incident and subsequent bungling of "scandals" like Deflategate and real issues like the league's concussion crisis have stained his tenure and formed rifts between fans, players, and owners.

Yet while his results have been thoroughly mixed over his first decade, it's now clear Goodell will have eight more years to repair his damaged image and secure himself a place in the league history books before he leaves. And if, as Rapaport noted, he'll play a significant role in hiring his successor, he could continue to impact the league long after his retirement.

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