Tom Brady is about to set record for most passing yards by QB above 40

Rich Barnes / AP Photo

In a career chock-full of awards and records, Tom Brady is about to add another milestone. With just 47 passing yards on Monday Night Football against the Dolphins this week, Brady will pass Warren Moon for the most single-season passing yards ever by a quarterback above age 40.

Back in 1997, Moon racked up 3,678 yards for the Seattle Seahawks as a 40-year-old. Brady currently paces the league with 3,632 yards through 12 games. It's always remarkable to think about how dominant the quarterback has been playing against some guys practically half his age, but stats like these drive the point home even more.

Brady will most likely break the previous record in just 13 weeks, and is currently on pace to shatter it by nearly 1,200 yards (4,842 over the full season). With a late push against some weak opponents, he could even crack 5,000 yards and put up the first 5,000-yard season ever from a quarterback above age 40. If there's one thing we've all learned over his 18 years in the league, it's that you should never count out Touchdown Tom.

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