History on Patriots' side against Titans: six trends to watch

AP Photo

The Patriots are heading into a divisional round matchup with the Tennessee Titans on Saturday Night. On paper, at least, history is on New England's side. Some quick facts and trends relating to the game:

1. The Patriots have made six consecutive AFC Championship Games (an NFL record). A win on Saturday night would send them to a seventh.

2. The Pats have also won six consecutive games against the Titans, including a divisional round matchup in 2004.

3. Since 2002, Tom Brady is 11-2 in divisional round playoff games.

4. The Patriots are 9-0 in divisional round games on Saturday in Tom Brady's career.

5. Since 2011, the Patriots have hosted (and won) all their divisional round games, averaging 37.5 points.

6. There have been four other matchups in NFL playoff history between two quarterbacks 13 years or more apart in age. The older quarterback has won all four.

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