Telvin Smith still thinks Pats are disrespecting Jags

Bruce Lipsky / Florida Times-Union

The Patriots have done more than pay lip service to the Jaguars this week. Players like Devin McCourty have complimented opposing QB Blake Bortles as a "winner" and a guy who "makes all the right plays." Other Patriots (most notably Rob Gronkowski) have commented on the strength of Jacksonville's defense and their mental toughness to reach the AFC Championship Game. Tom Brady even went so far as to call them "the best team" New England has faced all year. But that hasn't stopped some Jaguars players from talking trash of their own.

Recently, linebacker Telvin Smith attacked the Pats on Twitter for what he perceived to be false compliments. Quoting an ESPN tweet about Brady's comment, Smith implied that New England didn't respect the Jags in internal team discussions despite singing Jacksonville's praises on the media circuit:

Smith's attempt to dig up some bulletin-board material is familiar, if misplaced. The Jags thrived off slights last week in their matchup with Pittsburgh, blasting the Steelers on Twitter and in the media after pulling off the upset. But after seeing the Steelers' downfall, the Pats have no reason whatsoever to overlook Jacksonville this time around. We'll have to wait and see how it plays out on Sunday--but if history is any indication, it's highly unlikely anyone in Foxborough is disrespecting the Jags behind their backs.

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