Tom Brady vehemently denies celebrating Jimmy G trade

USA Today Sports

ESPN's Seth Wickersham recently penned a massive expose detailing supposed tension within the Patriots organization. Much of the article centered around the relationship between Tom Brady and Jimmy Garoppolo, with Wickersham reporting that Brady apparently felt "liberated" and "especially excited" in the days after the Jimmy Garoppolo trade. Brady vehemently denied that on his weekly WEEI appearance Monday.

Per, Brady said that he's "never celebrated when a player was traded or cut," and expanded on his feelings following the ESPN article and his relationship with Garoppolo:

That’s disappointing to hear that a writer would express that because it’s so far from what my beliefs are about my teammates,” Brady said on the local radio program. “I think I’m very empathetic toward other people’s experiences. I know those situations aren’t easy. I’ve never been traded or released, but I can imagine how that might feel.”

Brady told WEEI that he “loved” working with Garoppolo and the duo “had a great time together” in New England. The 40-year-old said he wishes his ex-teammate nothing, adding that they’ve stayed in contact...

“I try to do what I’ve always done for a long time — be a good teammate, work as hard as I can to help the team win— then somebody could write something that contradicts that and I think it’s up to everybody to believe whatever they want to believe.”

While many fans have celebrated the reports of conflict between Patriots, local Pats beat writers have uncovered some problems with Wickersham's story. Brady is just the latest in a long list of sources to dispute facets of the article.

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