Malcolm Jenkins: "a lot" of NFL coaches don't trust the Patriots

Getty Images

Philadelphia Eagles safety Malcolm Jenkins has added his voice to the chorus of Eagles dissing the Patriots in the wake of their Super Bowl LII win. Per NESN, Jenkins recently said that "a lot" of NFL coaches don't trust the Patriots and take extra precautions to avoid working with them or allowing the Pats to gain any information on their teams.

“I think there are still a lot of coaches out there that don’t trust the Patriots, so sometimes they’ll overthink it and do some fake plays in case anybody’s watching,” Jenkins mentioned. It's interesting that he brought up the fake plays aspect, as the Eagles certainly tried to fake the Patriots out in the run up to Super Bowl LII--long snapper Rick Lovato even said Philly ran an entire fake walk-through to throw New England off.

Perhaps the most interesting part of his quote, however, is the idea that other teams "overthink" their preparations for the Patriots. While the Eagles didn't fall victim, teams like the Jaguars and Falcons have become poster chokers for playing like they were trailing against the Patriots instead of holding on to double-digit leads late in the game. As the Patriot dynasty continues to roll along, the effect will only continue to grow.

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