Pretty much every QB at the Combine wants to learn from Tom Brady

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It's been 18 years since Tom Brady actually appeared at the NFL Combine, but the Patriots signal-caller remains as popular as ever among this year's class of prospective NFL quarterbacks. Speaking in press conferences from Indianapolis, Mason Rudolph, Baker Mayfield, Kyle Lauletta, and Lamar Jackson all mentioned the idea of learning from (or potentially succeeding) Brady with the Patriots.

Rudolph kicked things off by saying that it would be "pretty darn cool" to back up Brady (NESN). “I think to learn from one of the best of all time and a football mind like Tom and to soak up that wisdom would be a great opportunity. Whatever team it is, I’m going to maximize the potential of my role and compete my butt off."

Lauretta echoed his sentiment by saying that landing in New England would be "a dream come true":“I think any quarterback would love to be in that position,” Lauletta said. “I think learning from a guy like Tom Brady, you can get so much just by the way he works and just by observing how he goes about his business day to day. So, wherever I end up, I think I’ll be in a good spot, but that would definitely be a good one, no doubt.”

Beyond Rudolph and Lauretta, however, who are two realistic targets for the Pats to draft, some higher-tier prospects also expressed their desire to play with TB12. 2016 Heisman winner Lamar Jackson said (per MassLive) that he would be "like a little kid" as Brady's understudy, and that he would feel "no pressure" potentially becoming the heir to the throne: "Just trying to learn as much as I could, and be asking him a lot of questions like 'Why did you do this? What's your footwork on this?' A lot of questions... I'm cool under pressure. No pressure with me."

2017 Heisman winner Baker Mayfield followed suit, mentioning that he'd love to pick Tom Brady's mind above any other historical quarterback. Speaking to the New York Post, Mayfield said the following: "I would love to see how he prepares during the week. I’d love to just kind of sit back and watch him first, and then sit down and ask him questions about why. Because I know he does everything with a purpose, so it’d be great to learn from the greatest of all time."

The high praise isn't out of the ordinary for a player like Brady. But in a year where the Pats are firmly in the market for a QB in the draft, it is a bit interesting to hear so many prospective Pats sing Brady's praises so thoroughly.

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