Gronk the tight end buys stake in Gronk the horse

Rob Marchant / Getty Images

Here's some fun news: Rob Gronkowski has just bought a minority share in a horse named after him. Gronk (the thoroughbred) will run at the Kentucky Derby on May 5.

Tight end Gronk admitted that "I've never dealt with horses" and that he hopes to "get a ride on the horse" before he races in competition. If a ride is even possible, that is--it might be tough for Gronk the horse to support all 6'6" and 265 pounds of Gronk the tight end.

Gronk the football player also noted that "I like new hobbies," and that this has the potential to be a new source of enjoyment for him. At the very least, it's another opportunity to travel to Kentucky for the Derby. It will be hard for Patriots Gronk to top last year's brilliant plaid suit, but with his horse racing in the marquee event he'll have even more motivation to go all-out this time around.

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