Baker Mayfield's agent says Patriots were interested in trading up to #2 if QB was available

USA Today Sports

The Patriots waited until the seventh round of the 2018 NFL Draft to grab a quarterback--a surprising move for many pundits (myself included) who thought New England would pick up a passer on Days 1 or 2. However, some recent comments from Baker Mayfield's agent indicated the Patriots came very close to trading up and nabbing a signal-caller of the future.

Speaking on former NFL executive Andrew Brandt's "The Business of Sports with Andrew Brandt" podcast, Mills said the following (transcript per ESPN):

We had another team which is going to surprise you. Another team had said, 'You may get a big surprise on draft day, at No. 2, if he's available.' And it was the Patriots," Mills said. "They had 23 and they had 31 and they had two seconds. We thought, 'That's gonna be a heck of a move, to get up that high from where they are.' And of course he wasn't available so we never knew if that was a reality or not."

As Mills pointed out, we'll never know how serious the Patriots' interest was; the Browns snuffed out any hope of a blockbuster with the first selection. However, it's interesting to think that the Pats would have traded up so far to get Mayfield yet didn't deem any other first-round passer worthy of a selection. In the meantime, Bill Belichick will roll with Tom Brady, Brian Hoyer, and seventh-rounder Danny Etling at QB before potentially looking for a longer-term solution in next spring's draft.

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