Matt Light has faith in left tackle situation thanks to Dante Scarnecchia

USA Today Sports

Matt Light is Tom Brady's former blindside protector and newly-minted inductee into the Patriots Hall of Fame. It's safe to say he's no stranger to offensive line play. So Patriots fans everywhere should take his vote of confidence in the current left tackle situation as a very good sign. Speaking to NBC Sports Boston, Light elaborated on his praise of Scarnecchia and confidence in the Patriots O-line heading into OTAs.

I'm not sure it's as appreciated as it should be, but the work that Dante does and the work that he puts into the offseason, and the work that he puts in with the young guys who come into the organization, and how he motivates those guys and pushes them to be in the best position possible to play the game, I’ve got a lot of confidence in his ability to prepare the guys that he thinks are the best to take the field. And maybe that means they’re going to be juggling a lot of guys in and out and trying to play multiple positions, and getting them in the fire a little bit and seeing how they react."

"They've done it in the past. There were times that I went down and Nick Kazcur, Tom Ashworth, the guys that backed up and played the tackle position. We got a lot of great play from those guys...It’s definitely something that we’re all going to be keeping an eye on. It’ll be interesting to see how they do it and how teams try to take advantage of maybe a younger player or a guy that doesn’t have as many snaps...They'll be ready to roll. They'll be prepared."

Scarnecchia is widely regarded as one of the game's finest offensive line coaches--if anyone could form a rock-solid starter out of the current pieces, it's him. In first-round pick Isaiah Wynn and trade acquisition Trent Brown, Scarnecchia will definitely have some material to work with. As Light mentioned, that might also lead to an early-season platoon at the tackle spots. But no matter what ends up happening, the situation will be nothing the Patriots haven't faced before. Left tackle has been a spot of unusual strength for New England over Tom Brady's career. With the playing and coaching talent on staff, there's no reason for that run to end now.

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