Patriots land Brady and Gronk in Madden 19 "99 club"

USA Today Sports

Madden 19 released its player ratings (on a 50-99 scale) for the drop of the game in August. Out of every NFL player ranked, only seven--including two Patriots--were given coveted 99 overall ratings: Tom Brady, Rob Gronkowski, Antonio Brown, Von Miller, Aaron Rodgers, Aaron Donald, and Luke Kuechly.

Brady and Gronk's impressive ratings are a testament to their immense skills at their respective positions. Widely regarded as the game's best quarterback and tight end (as well as among the best thrower-receiver connections in the league), the pair has set the standard for offensive excellence for almost a decade now.

The Patriots are the only team to land two players in the 99 club at release. Since player ratings can change over time based on a player's real-life performance, it's theoretically possible (yet unlikely) that another squad could put a second player over the threshold during the season. For now, however, TB12 and Gronk are all alone on top. Hopefully their success serves as a reminder for the rest of the league about just how good the Patriots still are.

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