Patriots most likely won't hold joint training camp practices

Boston Globe

The Patriots have made joint practices during training camp a staple of the team offseason routine. They're a great way to get a glance at stars from around the league, do a little scouting work, and liven up the dog days of camp. Unfortunately, it looks like this year the Pats won't be working out with any other clubs.

Joint practices are most often conducted during the first two weeks of the preseason--with teams already heading to the same location for the game, it's often convenient for the two sides to practice at a central location (the Patriots often do this at the Greenbriar in West Virginia) and then caravan to the game. The atmosphere, while obviously competitive, still isn't as heated as during the third week of the preseason (usually the dress rehearsal for Week 1). The scheduling also gives coaches and players an opportunity to get some intel on the other team before the game at the end of the week.

However, the Pats' first two preseason opponents--the Washington Redskins and Philadelphia Eagles--have already announced their joint practice schedules for camp--and New England isn't on either one. That means that, unless Bill Belichick wants to work some last-minute magic, the Pats won't have any joint practices this year. Hopefully Tom Brady and Co. can prepare effectively for the season without the little extra competition.

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