Pats break down Kobe's visit with team

Los Angeles Times

Kobe Bryant may have played for the Lakers, but even the Patriots can acknowledge how dominant he was throughout his playing career in the NBA. Hoping to capture some of those intangible skills for this year's team, the Patriots invited Bryant to tour the building and speak with players back in the second week of OTAs. The MMQB's Albert Breer had some new insights about what some of them said about meeting a living legend like Kobe.

“A hundred percent,” said fifth-year safety Duron Harmon. “When he was telling us about his training regimen, how he approached a day, a light bulb went off in my head: That’s Tom. You realize it’s no coincidence. That’s the reason why Kobe Bryant is Kobe Bryant. That’s the reason why Tom Brady is Tom Brady. [Brady’s] approach to the game, it’s totally different than the majority of the NFL, probably 99% of the NFL. And that’s why they have the success they have.”

And there were two keys. One was the aforementioned commitment. “There was no off-day, there was no, ‘It’s O.K., I’ll worry about it tomorrow.’ He approached every single day as a life-or-death situation,” Harmon said.

And the other was the constant thirst for knowledge. “With Tom and Kobe, you see they have totally different workout regimens, but you see it works perfectly for each one of them in a totally different way,” Hill said. “For me, and everyone in the locker room, whatever we can take from that and apply to ourselves to make ourselves better, even if it’s just a little better, that stuff is huge.”

Breer added that, while he had no idea why the team decided to bring Kobe in, he was confident that the message "completely resonated" with the players. And at this point in the offseason, that's about all you can really hope for. With all the drama surrounding the Pats, anything that can get the team locked in and focused for the upcoming season as a unit is a good thing.

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