Anonymous AFC exec thinks Gronk is still on trading block

NFL Trade Rumors

Superstar tight end Rob Gronkowski is reportedly working on a new contract extension with the Patriots--but until that deal is signed and the ink dry, executives around the league think he could still be on the trading block. Per the Boston Sports Journal's Greg Bedard, an anonymous AFC exec said the following about Gronk's situation:

"Where's the restructure of his contract? Until that's done, I think he's still available. I wouldn't be surprised if Belichick is going to test Gronk's buy-in with the contract."

This new report follows existing ones that Gronk was shopped to "trusted teams" leading up to the draft. The fact that the rumors have persisted despite repeated denials by Pats brass indicates that there may be some truth hiding behind them.

After missing an opportunity to reload at the tight end position in the draft, trading away the best tight end in league history now seems highly unlikely at best. But knowing Bill Belichick and his nose for value, it's never going to be out of the question completely.

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