Tom Brady lands on Sports Illustrated's "Fashionable 50" list

Boston Herald

Tom Brady has made more football lists than anyone can count. At this point, seeing Brady on top of a list of the greatest players of all time barely elicits a yawn. So hopefully this newest list might catch his attention a bit more easily.

Brady made Sports Illustrated newest "Fashionable 50" list of the best-dressed athletes in sports, released this past Tuesday. Listed in the "timeless style" section, the editors wrote this about Brady's personal style game:

Whether he’s flanked by his supermodel wife on the red carpet or stepping off a plane en route to a game, the 40-year-old quarterback has kept up his easygoing style during his 18 years in the NFL.

Accompanying the blurb was a photo of Brady's controversial outfit from this year's Met Gala, replete with gold trim on the lapels. While that suit was anything but easygoing, Brady's success in both football and fashion have established him as one of the NFL's most recognizable faces around the world. And as he expands his TB12 brand, his style influence should only grow in coming years. One day Brady could even become one of the world's most recognizable fashion faces, period.

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