Is Tom Brady finally changing his helmet?

Boston Globe

For nearly every game in his 19-year NFL career, Tom Brady has walked onto the field in one helmet: a Riddell VSR-4. This season, that could finally be changing.

The VSR-4, once one of the league's most popular helmets, has been under fire for years thanks to safety concerns. Riddell actually discontinued the model in 2010, but players have continued to wear their old helmets--Brady and Drew Brees being among the biggest stars to do so. Now, the NFL has finally banned the VSR-4 beginning in 2019, giving the last holdouts a year to switch voluntarily before being forced to.

It appears Brady is taking that opportunity, or at least thinking about it. During Sunday's training camp session, the QB was spotted wearing a Riddell Precision Fit SpeedFlex, one of the company's newest and safest models.

This is the first time Brady has ever been seen wearing a Speedflex, and one of the only times he's been caught without his VSR-4 throughout his career. Aside from a two-game test run of a Riddell Revo Speed in 2014 and a foray into a Schutt Air XP in 2011, Brady has been one of the VSR-4's biggest "ambassadors." We'll see if his new look can live up to the classic helmet on gamedays.

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