Joseph Addai struggled then quit conditioning test

But according to a league source, the veteran running back was struggling during his conditioning test and simply "quit." He was not long in New England after that.

Bill Belichick's comment on the subject Thursday morning was to the point.

"It didn't work out.

Well, there you have it. Mystery solved. I really thought that Addai would help this team and the fact that things "didn't work out" really hurts.

There has to be more to this story. It sounds like Addai's work ethic was an issue here but I find that hard to believe. Anyone that played with Peyton Manning is not a poor worker. It might have something to do with the back injuries Addai struggled with the past two years.

No question New England will miss him. The Pats don't really have a back who is a proven blocker now, and will have to rely more on the tiny Danny Woodhead in those passing downs. Perhaps this opens the door for a Kevin Faulk return. In would really love that.