NFL Analyst Predicts 16-0 Patriots

NFL columnist Pete Prisco has predicted the Patriots will go 16-0. did a season preview where Pete predicted the record for the regular season, and predicted a few stats for players.

Pete predicted Tom Brady will throw for 4,949 yards, which is a slight drop off from last season but still gets the job done(obviously).

Another prediction made was Wes Welker's receiving yards, which may be his last in a Patriots uniform. Prisco predicts Wes will go for more than 1,450 receiving yards, which is darn good for a 31 year-old slot receiver.

A fan wants their team to be 16-0, unless your a Pats fan. Maybe that is just me, but I hope it doesn't happen. I hope the Pats kick the crap out of the Jets in the standings, but 2007 brings back too many bad memories. And if they were 18-0 going into the Super Bowl, I couldn't even bare to watch it. Article
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