Patriots need Brian Waters to contend for Superbowl

Brian Waters has been an enigma all off-season. And for such an important player, that's not a good thing. Waters said he might retire after the Superbowl, and then didn't show up for OTAs or minicamps, which added more fuel to the fire for the retirement theory. The Patriots said he was excused and media outlets reported that he would be back with the Pats this year. However, he's a no show for camp.
“I’m not really talking about it, you’ll have to ask the Patriots about it,” he said when reached via telephone. “At this moment, I’m not really discussing the situation. Right now, I’m just handling things between me and the team. If they want to talk to you that’s fine, but I’m not really talking about it.

Waters may not be a household name for casual football fans, but if anyone thinks that the Patriots are going 16-0 or even to the Superbowl without him, they will need to think again.

This offensive line is a big issue, and its that much bigger without Waters. With both Mankins and Vollmer starting camp on the PUP list, Waters is really the most proven player left on that offensive line since long time Pats center, Dan Koppen, is seen by some as on the outside looking in. Of course that changes if Waters retires.

If the Patriots can't keep Brady upright, kiss your Superbowl hopes goodbye.

It could just be that Waters is resting his veteran body by skipping the beginning of camp, it could be a personal issue he's dealing with. Whatever the case, the Patriots need this guy on the field come September.