Should we consider Aaron Hernandez a Wide Receiver?

Jeff Howe of the Boston Herald wrote a piece on Aaron Hernandez and how he will likely look for the Wide Receiver franchise tag in 2014. Why? As we said a couple weeks ago that would net Hernandez $4.299 million extra dollars.

Now, in order to do that as Howe points out above, Hernandez would have to prove he lined up at receiver most of the time. Which, as you can see above, he most definitely did.

So, should we start considering Aaron Hernandez a wide receiver? It certainly seems like we should.

Really, other than in the case of franchise tags and contracts, it doesn't matter what position you play. Hernandez has taken snaps out of the backfield too and so has wide receiver Julian Edelman, who has played on defense as well.

It's similar to how Belichick neglected labels a couple of years ago when he had no official defensive or offensive coordinators. It doesn't matter what your title is, you're there to help the team is the motto I guess.

It's all well and good to ask your players and even coaches to do multiple things. But this time, it might cost Belichick and the Patriots some extra money.