Sports Illustrated reports Tom Brady is rich

Sports Illustrated released the "Fortunate 50" list today, a list of the richest American athletes. The reported numbers take into account salary, winnings, bonuses, endorsements and appearance fees.

Tom Brady came in at 26th on the list, with a reported $22,250,000 in 2012 earnings. $12,250,000 of that was in salary, with an additional $10,000,000 in endorsements. The feature notes that Brady had $6,000,000 in signing bonus deferred to 2013 "presumably so the Patriots could acquire more talent." Cough *Wes Welker* Cough.

Other NFL players ahead of Brady were Peyton Manning (7th with $31 milllion), Larry Fitzgerald (10th with $26,750,000) and Mario Williams (13th with $25,500,000) and Calvin Johnson (23rd with $22,750,000).

Brady, on the other hand, is well ahead of those players in the one department that matters. Rings. 3-to-a-combined-1. So there.

SI also noted that Mrs. Brady pulls in about $45 million per year. Yikes.

Boxer Floyd Mayweather, Jr. lead the way with an insane $85 million in earnings.