Video: Herm Edwards does a really bad Bill Belichick impression

So, I don't think he was really trying to impersonate Belichick other than the hoodie thing. He was more just laying out obvious facts about the Patriots in a really weird way with epic music playing in the background.

I doubt Belichick is bringing up past success to his locker room or talking about who he drafted. Still, as we saw in "A Football Life" the hoodie isn't as lifeless in his pre-game speeches as he is in his press conferences.

Some thoughts from PatriotsLife writer Jeff Lenihan:

ESPN is officially desperate for NFL football to begin in earnest. I don't blame them, because I am too, and if you are reading this you are no doubt in the same boat. But this video is cringe worthy.

First of all, Herm Edwards was a terrible coach. And he most famously coached the Patriots most bitter rivals the Jets. His analysis has been shaky for years, and his ability to effectively verbalize his thoughts has always been a weakness. He pretends he is a powerful speaker, but Herm is delusional. I think this video can effectively cement the need for a new movement. The Herm Edwards shut up and disappear movement. I should copyright that... on second thought, no that's a freebie. Please circulate it vigorously!

Putting Herm in the Hoodie is an affront to the Patriots fan's spirit and intelligence. Furthermore, though he is impersonating Bill Belichick, he says nothing even close to what the real Hoodie would say. When have you ever heard Belichick talk about winning 8 division titles without being prompted? Even when asked point blank about past success he deflects and keeps the focus right where it should be, on the now. To top it all off, poor Herman gets his history wrong stating

"we've played in six (Super Bowls) and we're .500. We're better than that."

Actually Herm, the Patriots are 3-4 in their seven Super Bowl appearances. What a train wreak this guy is.

Who would you pick to give a pre-game speech to your team, Herm Edwards or Bill?