A look back at Tom Brady's accomplishments in honor of him being an old man

Tom Brady may be a bit older,
but good luck trying
to convince his right arm of it.
(image via: www.derok.net)

Tom Brady is officially an old guy folks. Sorry to break it to ya. I mean, the guy's playing on a different planet than everyone in the NFL not named Drew Brees or Aaron Rodgers, and still, he's playing at the same pace as those two, even though he's got two years on Brees, and a whopping seven on Rodgers. This comes as no surprise to many of us Patriots fans, but to the many- I'm looking for a technical term here- idiots uneducated people, who claim that Tom Terrific is the 2nd or 3rd best QB in the National Football League, I've got news for you: not only is Tom Brady the best playing right now, by the time he retires he'll be the best quarterback to have ever played the game.

Bold statement? I don't think so. You see, a friend of mine (who will be given all due credit at the end of this article) is a big 49ers fan. And so he wanted to put Brady's childhood idol Joe Montana to the test of numbers. Many consider Montana the best ever, and deservedly so. But what about the rest of the guys? From March until July he and I worked tirelessly to compile the stats of all the greats; from Sid Luckman and Sammy Baugh, to Joe Namath, to Brett Favre, to Peyton Manning. The only requirement was six years as a starter. No subjective opinion, no outside influence. "The List" is official, and accounts for everything. He and I came up with the 30 Greatest Quarterbacks in NFL History. And without further ado, I will share with you Tom Brady's ranking, achievements, and an analysis of Brady's career (no bearing on ranking), as it appears in "The List."

"#2 Tom Brady (2000-Present)

Back to back 400+ yard passing games; most 6 TD games: 3; most passing TD's in a season: 50; most consecutive 2+ TD pass games: 13; most consecutive 3+ TD pass games: 10; back to back 5+ TD pass games; most TD passes in a quarter: 5; most TD passes in a perfect game: 6; most consecutive single-season passes with 0 INT's: 358; most consecutive 2+ TD 0 INT games: 9; most career 4+ TD 0 INT games: 12; 2 career 6+ TD 0 INT games; most career 50+ attempt 0 INT games: 3; best single season TD/INT ratio: 36/4; most career postseason wins: 16; most consecutive postseason wins: 10; most consecutive home wins: 35; perfect regular season record (16-0); most consecutive postseason home wins: 8; highest postseason game completion percentage: 92.9%; quarterback of the 2000's New England Patriots Dynasty; highest career TD/INT ratio: 2.608/1; lowest career INT rate: 2.2%; 7 time Pro Bowl selection; 2 time All Pro; 3 time Super Bowl Champion; 2 time Super Bowl MVP; 2009 Comeback Player of the Year; Patriots all time passing leader, 2 time Offensive Player of the Year; only unanimous NFL MVP; NFL 2000's All Decade Team; 2 time NFL MVP

Tom Brady is without question the greatest quarterback currently playing in the league. He has the records, the stats, the wins, and three Lombardi Trophies. His resume lacks absolutely nothing. Talk all you want about diva this, or hair that. At the end of the day, all that matters is how he performs on the field; and he is an absolute beast.

First, some stats are in order. Brady's career Super Bowl stats: 2 MVP's, 3 wins, 5 appearances, 4.5/1 TD/INT ratio (10th all time); 64.5% completion percentage (10th all time); 93.8 QB rating (16th all time); 255 yards per game (4th all time); Career Postseason stats: 1.9/1 TD/INT ratio (5th all time); 72.7% win percentage (7th all time); 62.9% completion percentage (8th all time); 87.8 QB rating (11th all time); 240 yards per game. Brady's overall career stats: 2.608/1 TD/INT ratio (NFL record); 2.2 INT percentage (NFL record); 78.0% win percentage (3rd all time)l 63.8% completion percentage (4th all time); 96.4 passer rating (4th all time); 248 yards per game (5th all time); 300 TD passes (5th all time); 39,979 throwing yards (13th all time. Impressed yet?

The 199th overall pick in the 2000 NFL Draft stepped in for an injured Q, and by that years end he was Super Bowl MVP. Tom Brady is without question an all time great."

There you have it. Tom Brady, the second greatest QB ever. Thoughts? Feel free to let me know! The utmost respect and gratitude goes to Joe Jacobs, creator of "The List." And happy birthday to the greatest QB to play, Tom Brady.