Bill Belichick must be on drugs

I'm all for being optimistic about the Patriots offensive line, but calling Monday's performance by Solder and Cannon a solid job is going too far.

So, when you hear those words coming from Bill Belichick's mouth, it's a little confusing.
Belichick stressed a similar sentiment in regards to Solder and Cannon, while also praising the Eagles’ defensive front.

“I thought those two, I thought those guys handled their situation overall, I thought they did a pretty good job. Philadelphia was rotating some players out there, but you know, they’re good players,” Belichick said. “And that’s a very good front that the Eagles have.

"I thought those guys did a pretty good job, not perfect obviously ... but overall I thought they did a pretty solid job.”

Cannon got consistently mauled by Philly defenders, and the team noted they should have gone after him even more. Solder held up a little better but still kept getting out of his stance and got beat consistently by smaller defenders. Their performance was pretty bad, not pretty good.

However, of course, I know Bill Belichick can't exactly go out in the media and blast his two guys. I don't believe that Belichick was happy with how they played, but he was probably aware of how badly they were getting bashed by the media so felt he should come out and support them. Smart move on his part but I'm still not buying it.