Brian Waters: Making an Easy Decision Look Tough

Don't Make Me Do Stuff!

Brian Waters' ass must hurt. He has been sitting on the fence so long I bet he has splinters the size of Fenway Franks stuck in his cheeks. His inability to make a simple decision is now starting to affect the whole team. It would sure be nice to have another able body in camp right now.

If he is not coming back, that's fine too. Just say so, and retire. If he is going to keep playing games with a roster spot the Pats need to start hitting him with the 30k a day treatment. His indifference and indecisiveness are helping to contribute to the overloading of other lineman in camp. As thin as the Pats are that is unacceptable.

Belichick, and the personnel department are complicit in this quagmire as well. If they would grab thier balls, and stand up to this freeloader, we would at least have a decision so the team could move on. I'm guessing the popular argument will be that if we pressure Waters he will just threaten to retire. Fine. Retire then. The Pats need answers on the line right now. I think Brian Waters should be an afterthought at this point anyway. How good is he really going to be if he can not even practice anymore? What message are the Patriots sending if they allow him to just skip camp and show up and play? That is bullshit if that happens. Decision time Mr. Waters. Get off the fence, I dont care which side you land on, but be a man and pick one.